Where Do You Come From

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The film consists of the photographic narratives of individuals’ polaroid pictures taken at the time of their birth, which is used as the intertwining signifiers. A few of the selected actors came from broken families and had similar life experiences as the concept expressed in this work. In other words, the subjects in the images are not only a semiotic interpretation of role-playing but also a reiteration of life experiences that overlap with these actors. That is, the creative approach adopted constantly seeks subjects close to its own life trajectory as a way to realize internal, psychological imageries and spiritual restoration. The creator also interrogates life politics through these filmed subjects and mirrors the characters in his work as layered, synchronic planes. This series consistently focuses on the underlying implications behind broken families. In 1981, the Li Shike incident is used as a prism of reflection of exterior identity criticism from the subject’s interior image in order to examine the easily alienated individuals in the social structure. When many people focus on ethnic origin and identity tracing nowadays, the kind of evasive, unattainable locality is the key spirit of this work. “Where do you come from?” is a commonly asked question in daily conversations. However, the innate nature of this question holds a certain sense of identity, neglect of other ethnic groups, and a classified cognition of oneself as a form of universal, normalized value.

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Title: Where Do You Come From

Length: 15 min

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Completion Year: 2019

Director: Jun-Yuan Hong

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Educational background
2012 Tainan National University of the Arts / Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory (Ph.D. student)2008 National University of Tainan / Department Master Class of Fine Arts(MFA)

2019 video work <Absence> selected for the AFIAS Spain Moving Images Festival, Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards(official selection) video work <Absence(60-second version)> selected for the Copenhagen 60 Seconds Film Festival in Denmark, The ten best videos selected by the jury, Winner of The Audience Award 2018 video work <Absence> selected for the CICA museum “Abstract Mind “ in South Korea, The Experimental video exhibition at Exchange Gallery in Pennsylvania(US)
2016 video work <Perhaps􏰀, some kind of smoke> selected for the Hors Pistes Tokyo Film Festival2015 video work <When the body beyond Memorial> selected for the Taiwan National Art Exhibition – New Media Art2007 video work <Happen> selected for the Taoyuan Creation Award

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