5th edition 3-4.09.22

5th year anniversary at Mannaminne!

High Coast Film Festival goes back to its roots: our festival came to life in 2016 at the wonderful village of Mannaminne, a unique place in the  Swedish High Coast. Now, after a brief pause, we proudly announce our upcoming 5th year jubilee, that will once again take place where all has started!

With the full support of Mannaminne’s devoted stuff, we now have the opportunity to organize a two day feast for all film enthusiasts and nature lovers, that can enjoy quality program in the heart of the Swedish forest landscape. Our fifth edition will take place at the beginning of September and it will be a celebration of the auteur-driven cinema.

Mannaminne is a completely unique place where over 50 buildings welcome you to an encounter with nature and culture, art and technology, locally and globally, history and future, small and large. The artist Anders Åberg’s (1945-2018) and Barbro Åberg’s full-scale works of art spread inspiration and creativity, a place that offers something for all interests and ages. LINK