The Death of my Mother

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In deep remorse Marcelle, a middle aged woman, recalls the incidents of the last few days that led to the death of her mother.

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Title: The Death of my Mother

Length: 30 min

Country of Origin: Germany

Completion Year: 2019

Director: Gerrit Kuge

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About Director

Gerrit Kuge was born on the 8.8.89 in Böblingen, southwestern Germany. Since 2014 he studied Media-Arts at the University of Arts and Design with the focus on film under Razvan Radulescu. In May 2019 he received his diploma for his graduation-film “the death of my mother”. In his filmic works he deals with fallibility as a central part of being human. His protagonists are often confronted with loss and responsibility – for themselves and for others –, challenges that they find hard to master. His stories often operate on the fringes of logic, as they merge aesthetic-associative and realistic-narrative elements to create a dreamlike flow.

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