Messages for Sydney

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“From Sydney the director receives audio messages of his grandmother who tells him at first hand how big protests have begun against the government in Chile while people are heavily repressed. Her voice becomes the emotional guide to the Chilean rebellion and grief seen from the distance.”

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Title: Messages for Sydney

Length: 19:29 min

Country of Origin: Chile

Completion Year: 2020

Director: Andrei Eichin

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About Director

Andrei Eichin (29) is a director, screenwriter & editor. He also has studies in theater and acting. His beginnings in film took place in the fields of the direction and the editing department where his works he has explored many genres in fiction, documentary, experimental film, theater and television. Among his projects are the short films “The Looks of Bresson” (2013) and “The Forgotten Frames” (2017). He is currently working on the fictional feature film “Reinterferencias” which is in development stage. In 2015 he founded the Chilean company Productora Poética, where he edited the documentary feature “And Only Love Resurrects”.

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