How I Beat Glue and Bronze

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Following the daily life of a factory worker Mihajlo in a neglected industrial town, testimonies about his life are given by people from his closest surrounding. At times, these people are seen as part of Mihajlo’s daily routine, but after the character leaves the stage, their voices remain as the voice of the narrator. What they don’t know is that Mihajlo is obsessively stealing tools from the factory and suffering from lost love. What they can’t anticipate is what one morning is going to happen.

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Title: How I Beat Glue and Bronze

Length: 30 min

Country of Origin: Serbia

Completion Year: 2020

Director: Vladimir Vulević

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About Director

Vladimir Vulević is born in 1984 in Priboj, Yugoslavia. He studied Literature studies at Belgrade University and Film studies at HFBK Hamburg University, Angela Schanelec’s class.
He published two verse dramas – Remembrance from Formaldehyde (2010) and Ananke
Ferdidurke (2012) and directed four short films – Larva, Pupa (2017), Allusion to Injuries
(2018), Your Rooms, White and Purple (2019) and How I beat Glue and Bronze (2020).

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