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All of my childhood I have been longing away from north of Sweden and my north Sweden identity. I have been ashamed. Because somewhere along the way I have been taught that what I come from is a little bit worse, a little bit wrong, a little less important. This essay film is an attempt to reconcile myself with these feelings. This movie is about identity, belonging, home sickness and the betrayal of leaving home

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Title: Hämdervä

Length: 13 min

Country of Origin: Sweden

Director: Eva Malmberg

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About Director

My name is Eva Malmberg. I am a documentary film maker from north Sweden, living in Malmö. Before I picked up the camera I studied ethnology and discovered all of my interests and passions in one subject. I believe that documentary film making has a lot in common with ethnology; its way of entering people’s lives from the backdoor, instead of the main entrance. I like films about everyday lives and I aim to make portraits of stories that are often forgotten and hidden. In my latest film Hämdervä I try to come to terms with my own hidden story.

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