Festival Program

Live at Mannaminne  3-4.9.22

SATURDAY 3.9. 22


17:00 BLOCK 1

THE ARTIFICE, 23 min, Germany/Italy, d. Francesca Bertin

HOUSE WITHOUT A KEY, 6 min, France, d. Marta Skoczeń

HÄMDERVÄ, 13 min, Sweden, d. Eva Malmberg

COLOR-BLIND, 30 min, France/Germany, d. Ben Russel

ALPINESTATE, 30 min, Italy, d. Michele Trentini


19:00 BLOCK 2

THE FATHER, THE TAXI AND THE NIGHT, 6 min, Sweden, d. Parisa Rezai Lindorm

THE DEATH OF MY MOTHER, 26 min, Germany, d. Gerrit Küge

HALF WET, 18 min, USA, d. Carlos Irijalba

WHEN THE MILL HILL TREES SPOKE TO ME, 18 min, Sweden, d. Kirsikka Paakkinen

WHERE DO YOU COME FROM, 15 min, Taiwan, d. Jun-Yuan Hong


21:00 BLOCK 3

HOW I BEAT GLUE AND BRONZE, 30 min, Serbia, d. Vladimir Vulević

THE EVENING REDNESS IN THE SOUTH, 70 min, Ireland, d. Colin Hickey

SUNDAY 4.9. 22


17:00 BLOCK 4

IF…, 13 min, Serbia, d. Tanja Brzaković

SOME KIND OF INTIMACY, 6 min, UK, d. Toby Bull

TELLURIAN DRAMA, 26 min, Indonesia, d.Riar Rizaldi

LATE AUGUST, 46 min, Italy, d. Federico Cammarata, Filippo Foscarini


19:00 BLOCK 5

MESSAGES FOR SYDNEY, 19 min, Chile, d. Andrei Eichin

CONSTELLATION, 31 min, France, d. Dania Reymond-Boughenou

THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, 12 min, Sweden, d. Matilda Friman

THE LAND THAT RISES AND DESCENDS, 20 min, Finland, d. Moona Pennanen


21:00 BLOCK 6

BEYOND THE NIGHT, 26 min, Colombia, d. Manuel Ponce Leon de Restrepo

SOON IT WILL BE DARK, 23 min, Germany, d. Isabell Heimerdinger

BICENTENARIO, 43 min, Canada/Colombia, d. Pablo Alvarez Mesa

Award Ceremony

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