High Coast Film Festival


Fourth edition – 23-24th of August 2019, Lunde House of the People

The fourth year saw many visitors and a festival that has established itself and its content with true independent films!

Each film is reviewed in-depth by Film Critic Kirk Fernwood, LINK


GRAND PRIX – Memories from the Village Torrom by Solveig Nordlund

Best Feature Film – The Silent Masters by Naïs Van Laer

Best Fiction Film – Starshot by Samuel Perriard

Best Documentary Film – Schnipsel – Scraps of Paper by Sven O. Hill

Best Film from Västernorrland -The Republic of Herrskog by Hamed Alizadeh

Third edition – 25-26th of August 2018, Lunde House of the People

Success! A full house in Lunde House of the People were met by more than thirty independent films from all over the world. Visiting directors from Holland, Finland, Sweden and of Course Västernorrland.

GRAND PRIX – The Love Letter (Israel) by Atara Frish

Best Feature Film – Paradise (Iran) by Ali Atshani

Best Fiction Film – Onikuma (Italy) by Alessia Cecchet

Best Experimental Film – Records in the Hood (France) by Maxime Le Moing

Best Documentary Film – Unknown Steps (Iraq) by Tariq Tofiq

Best film from Västernorrland – Documenting the Witch path (Sweden) by Carl Sundström


Jury – Solveig Nordlund, Lena Hermansson and Mathieu Hebeisen.

Swedish National Radio SR P1 Culture visited us and made a segment that is available through their website: Zero-budget film on the march in the High Coast

Second edition  7-8th of July 2017, Lunde House of the People

The first real hot summer weekend we reanimated the old Cinema again and opened the doors to a weekend full of independent films! 38 films from 22 different countries and we had directors traveling to present their films from Finland, USA and of course Sweden.


GRAND PRIX sponsored with 5000 sek from Film Västernorrland –  Hristo (Bulgaria) by Grigor Lefterov and Todor Matsanov

Best Fiction Film – The Night of All Things (Spain) by Pilar Palomero

Best Experimental Film – Sin (Finland) bt Juhani Koivumäki

Best Documentary Film – Disintegration (Sweden) bt Björn Dahlman

Honorable Mention – Missing Pieces (USA) bt Tim Guthrie


Jury – Solveig Nordlund and David Henriksson

Congratulations to the winners!

First edition – 29-31st of July 2016, Mannaminne

The last week of vacation for the summer we inaugurated the High Coast Film Festival and it’s first edition. We presented independentfilm from all over the world – and with many directors attenting, traveling to Mannaminne to present their films from Finland, Belgium, Iran and France!

In it’s very birth the festival was established as a real international film festival for independent films!


GRAND PRIX – LOSERS (Bulgaria) by Ivaylo Hristov

Best Fiction Film – Stockholm 6 (Sweden) bt Magnus Lenneskog

Best Documentary Film – ***—*** (Portugal) bt Hugo Magro

Best Experimental Film – Hummingbird’s Wings (USA) bt Dustin Grella


Jury – Emil Stjernholm and Martin Jönsson

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